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The love of a child

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Yesterday we came to visit our grandaughter (and of course, her parents too!). She just turned two. The first time I set eyes on her, she stole my heart. I am sure most grand parents feel this way!

When I had our two sons I was sure that I couldn't love anyone more than I loved them. It's not that I love Cora more; I have become a different person in the 30 years that have passed. I have seen so much more of life; both the happy and sad parts. I have realized how precious love is, especially the love of a child.

When a child loves you, they do it with reckless abandonment. They love you with their whole being. Most young children, in their innocence, trust and love with all their heart. If I had one wish, I would wish that they could be spared the pain that sometimes comes with love. Unfortunately, none of us who love like this make it through life without experiencing this pain at some time.

As Cora grew and could start expressing back to me the love I felt for her, I realized how strongly the Holy Spirit was present in this pure love. Even though she couldn't really understand or verbalize this feeling, she seemed to sense it too. Sometimes as she looked deep into my eyes, trying to better know and understand me, she would start laughing almost uncontrollably. I wondered if this was an expression of the joy given to her by the Holy Spirit. After several of these episodes, I sensed this to be true.

It is through such treasured moments of beauty that we come to know the Holy Spirit best. The Holy Spirit is love, it is his very essence. As hard as it is to describe love with words, it is equally hard to use them to described this Precious Spirit. We need to keep the eyes of our soul open to his presence as he operates through these moments of our lives.

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