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God's gift that keeps on giving

God is our most generous and loving Father, and the Holy Spirit is His gift of love to us.

When it comes to giving, no one outgives God! After all, He has the whole universe at his disposal and the Holy Spirit is truly a priceless gift.

Only God could share with us a Spirit who is our constant companion and advocate; a guide who walks with us in every aspect of life. The Holy Spirit can provide us with courage and wisdom, as well as many other things. He is a gift that brings other gifts with him.

For most of us, getting the gift of the Holy Spirit is somewhat like getting a new computer, when you are not computer-savvy. It is very exciting to unpack that impressive, shiny-new machine! You know that it can do many things, and you want to discover all its features. However, even the thought of turning it on can be intimidating. Once you start to review the tutorials you understand where you need to begin.

Often our first impulse is to power off the computer, and to delay this process another day. The problem with this thought, however, is that the longer we put off this initial step the more daunting it can become. I encourage you to unwrap this amazing gift from God and learn something about him. Everyday, take one more small step in this learning process and before you know it, you will know more about your spiritual life than you ever thought there was to know! In this blog I want to walk with you and the Spirit through this early process, until you develop the skills to discover your own path with the Spirit.

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