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Joy for breakfast

When I accepted my present position, I was less than thrilled about the 28 mile commute I was to face every morning. It's not that I don't like driving; actually I can find it relaxing. However, anyone who has driven route 81 in the morning knows it is anything but relaxing. Busy with semis and commuters, this drive is more like a live game of Mario Kart!.

This experience was not a great way to prepare to teach middle school students about God. So, I began to listen to praise and worship music during my drive. Gradually, I became less stressed at people's blatant disregard for all rules of safe driving. As time went on, I found myself humming to the songs. Then, I began singing with my full-on shower voice, which drown out the safety warnings in my head. I soon realized that not only was I arriving at work in one piece, but I felt filled with a degree of joy! This took my trust in God to a whole new level.

God took an experience which I previously dreaded and turned it into my own daily time of praise. Filled with endorpins, I was more than ready to face the middle-schoolers! Once again I was reminded that when we offer to God whatever we have, no matter how meager or sad it may seem, He gives us back more than we need. God, in his love and generosity, is full of infinite surprises!,

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