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Intuition; a nudge from the Holy Spirit?

One of my first jobs, after graduating from college, was working as a nurse on a large medical floor. Most of the patients on this unit were acutely ill. One evening, as I was making my rounds, assessing each patient, I had the distinct hunch that one of my patients was medically unstable.

I have always consider myself to be a rational person, and there was no evidence to support this conclusion. His vital signs were stable, and he was alert and oriented. I wondered if i should call his physician, but what would I tell her? I knew she wouldn't appreciate me interrupting her sleep to report "a feeling." So, unwisely, I shrugged off my hunch. Bad decision; about half an hour later this patient coded.

After more experience, I learned that these "hunches" were amazingly accurate. Even though I often had no concrete data to support these feelings, I took them more seriously. Sometimes further medical tests would reveal an underlying cause for the change in these patients' conditions; sometimes the cause wasn't easily discovered. I was baffled by these feelings.

At that time in my life, my faith wasn't as strong as it is now, and I didn't see an underlying spiritual connection involved in my "hunches." Since that time, I have had such hunches in other areas of my life. One time, I narrowly avoided a serious accident because my car brakes failed and the thought came into my head to pull the emergency brake. This was not something I would have thought of on my own, I believe it came from the Holy Spirit.

I then began to see that the Holy Spirit was walking with me, whispering in my ear, especially when danger was near. I have lost count of the number of times these warnings have saved me, or someone close to me from catastrophes. And, I believe there were many other times of which I am completely unaware. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for having my back!

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