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God and dogs

It is no coincidence that dogs get to share God's name, only backwards. Most of my life I have lived with a dog. I find them to be the most loyal, loving, joy-filled creatues; many of them have been best friends to me.

As I was taking a walk today, I realized how many of our neighbors know my dogs. We were stopped three times by different groups of people who wanted to pat them, talk with them and give them treats. When I walk alone, one or two people may wave to me but they never stop to talk.

While the people who stop to see my dogs are neighbors, I don't really know many of them very well. Our neighborhood is culturally, racially and politically diverse. In the last year I have sensed a growing distance between many of us. It makes me sad that people have become divided, distrustful of others who are different. It makes me angry that people use God in some of these battles. I love the diversity of our neighborhood; I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

My dogs are able to bridge these divides because people don't feel judged or threatened by them. When they see them, they see love and joy. God has given them this wonderful Spirit; they reflect their creator. I only wish I could do this as well as Sparky and Lucy can!

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