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Early one wintery morning...

As I was driving to work, enjoying the sunrise, the stark realization that I had left something important at home broke into my blissful contemplation. "Arg....." I was 30 minutes into

my hour and a half commute. Some quick calculations told me that I had a little time to turn

around and retrieve these supplies IF my husband was willing to leave his nice warm bed and meet me along the way. Considering it was Sunday, this was a big favor. After I finally got him to answer his phone, he begrudgidly agreed.

About 40 minutes later, I was once again on my way. Barring any more delays, I should arrive almost on time. This seemed to be an attainable goal since I had not seen more than a couple vehicles out on the road at this hour. Little did I know that God had other plans for me! I was almost at my exit and something in the snow on the median caught my eye. My first impulse was to keep driving, but the nurse in me realized that I needed to stop.

I pulled over and warily proceeded to walk across the highway. As I got closer I saw that it was a car flipped onto its roof. I plodded through the snow to spot 2 young men gathered around a third who was laying in the snow. They were trying to move him! "No," I said,"don't move him." I showed them how to safely reposition him. After calling 911, I began talking with the young men. They were headed out to ski for the day, and were obviously driving too fast for road conditions. I stayed with them until the EMTs arrived.

As I settled myself back in the car, the timing of the morning events hit me. Had I not forgot something, I would have been at work by the time the accident happened. Who knows when another car would have passed by?! The young men at the scene may have harmed the one thrown from the car by moving him in an unsafe way.

As usual, God's timing was impeccable; each detail of this story was an important factor in allowing me to arrive promptly on the accident scene. While my forgetfulness seemed like a fault to me, it was part of God's plan.

I could give you many, many other examples of similar situations, and this is just from my life! I know many of you who read this have had like experiences. It is amazing how God care for each and every one of us. He gives us the priviledge of being like angels to each other, being present at just the right moment to provide much needed help we are an important part of his plan. I only pray that I am sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit so I can be where God wills me, just at the right time!

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