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Why can be a very important question. Many important inventions and advancements would never have been discovered had someone not had the curiosity to ask why, then, the tenacity to find the answer. As a nurse, I constantly asked "why" as I suspect many of you must do when you are working.

Not only was why important in my profession, it was important to me as a person. Answering why gave me a feeling that I had some control in my world. When I could figure out why, I could neatly organize and file the things that impacted my life. It helped them make sense.

As you can probably guess, this illusion didn't work for too long. While why has an important place in science and other more rational realms, it can become a stumbling block in life. Sure, there are times when we need to know why; why is there water coming through my ceiling? But again, these are more concrete situations which can usually be solved.

In the really important things in life, we may never know why. It took me many years to realize I was wasting my time asking why in these situations; often why didn't matter. If I could come to accept something, I could move on to "What now?". This takes faith; realizing that I don't have control but God does. God knows the bigger picture. God can take events which seem devastating and bring good from them. Often God's ways don't make sense to us, at least not in this life.

Only with the help of the Holy Spirit, was a control freak like me able to let go of why and trust. I knew God was wiser and more powerful, but I guess I had trouble believing that the details of my life were really important enough for Him to give them the care I thought they needed. After all, He has to attend to the whole universe! How little I knew about God....

Coming to trust God with the many mysteries of life is a very freeing feeling! It opens you up to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. It frees you to accept not only the grief life can bring, but also it's joy and wonders.

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