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my more personal side...

My husband and I, along with our 3 dogs moved to Carlisle about 5 years ago. We had spent most of our adult lives in northwestern Pennsylvania, in the middle of the snow belt. Carlisle felt like a tropical getaway, especially to our very short dogs, Sparky and Lucy. They were very happy to

no longer have to wade through the deep snow.


Just before this move, on a cold winter night, we very suddenly lost our oldest son Ben who was 21. I cannot even imagine getting through this time without my constant companion, the Holy Spirit. All I could do was hold onto my faith with the small amount of strength I could muster.

Somehow, slowly, the pain began to fade. My husband, younger son Ryan and I tried to move on past this loss. We settled into our new home, and began to enjoy our new community. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit I finally found a postion in ministry near our new home. Our son started his new life a couple hours away in Virginia. 

Since this time, our family has expanded from me, my son, husband and our dogs to include Linda and Cora. My life is now filled with very cute, fluffy creatures who bring me much joy and inspiration. I thank God everyday for helping me through the dark times and for bringing so much joy into our lives.

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