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Walking with the Holy Spirit

Spiritual Direction & Guidance
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Walking with the Holy Spirit is a faith-inspired site based on reflections from daily life. I hope you can relate to some of these thoughts; that they might give you new insight into your own journey. Feel free to share your insights or start a discussion on thoughts and questions you encounter in your life

Insight into your journey with God

What's my story?

The Holy Spirit has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Long before I could find the words to describe his wonderful presence, something within me lept with joy at the beauty of nature, the love of my friends and family. I also sensed the overwhelming sorrow that was almost more than I could bear during certain heart-breaking moments of life,

I spent most of my adult years working in nursing, where I spent alot of time ministering to people's spirits as they attempted to deal with the frailty of human life. The Holy Spirit gave me fortitude and hope to face these situations on a daily basis.

Slowly I began to realize that God was leading me on a different path. In pereparation I returned to graduate school. Armed with my degree in pastoral ministry I have had the priviledge, over the past 15 years to work in parish, campus, and youth ministries.

My latest adventure with God has proven to be one of the most rewarding and challenging paths. As I finished my Spiritual Direction Formation Program in the last year, I realized that each of my former experiences equipped me with knowledge that I could use to help others in their walk. Entering into this holy ground with others is one of the greatest priviledges with which God has entrsted me


My Story

Reflections from my walk

Above the Clouds

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